News: Sound Art Commission

CIT & Waterside are seeking to commission a new piece of work from a sound artist to create new audio installation artwork(s) for the venue in Sale, Manchester during our Refract: 18 Festival in summer 2018.
REFRACT:18 is a special ten day programme of stimulating and unexpected work both in and outside the venue, asking audiences to see things differently.
This commission aims to create a piece of original audio content. The work(s) will be experienced outside of our gallery, so can appear in one or more locations throughout the building.
The content may be a soundscape, a musical composition or an immersive audio piece, which needs to be accessible to listeners either via headphones or through a smartphone.The fee available is £1000 and finished work needs to be ready for the launch of our Refract 18 festival, 18th-28th July 2018.
To apply:
Please send us up to 200 words with an outline of what you wish to create.
Please send an artist’s statement up to 100 words.
Please include relevant web links and / or audio links – please do not send sound files via email.
Email, using Refract Audio in the subject header.
Fee: £1000
Deadline for submissions: 18th May 2018
Production deadline: Monday 9th July 2018
For more information or to arrange a site visit, please contact our Festival Curator, Mario Popham on the above email address.
 This commission opportunity is supported by Arts Council England.